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Take a look at our product gallery for samples of automated labeling, gluing, flow wrapping and more!

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Astron Packaging Services


We can package, re-package, co-package almost any consumer product imaginable on site.

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At Astron Bulk Packaging we provide short and long term packaging solutions for your business.

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Astron Bulk Packaging Services


Astron Bulk Packaging has been a family owned and operated business for over 25 years supplying packaging services to clients such as: Nestle, Sprungli and Sony just to name a few. We are well known for our honesty, quick turn around and above all quality product and service.

Astron Bulk Packaging can package, re-package, co-package almost any consumer product imaginable. We have made a large investment in our equipment over the last few years to stay at the top of the packaging service industry. We invested in High Speed Shrink Wrapping, Flow Wrapping, Automatic Weighing & Bagging, Automatic Labeling and Display Assembly just to name a few. Our extensive line up of equipment also provide customers with excellent dependability and flexibility whether we are running 200 or over 200,000 packages per day. We also have many general assembly lines set up for all types of hand, display assembly and point-of-purchase displays.


Products We Package

Astron Bulk Packaging can package, re-package, co-package almost any consumer product imaginable on site. The following is a partial list of products packaged by Astron. We currently shrink wrap, flowrap, bundle wrap, label, bag, multi pack, display pack etc.

If you do not see what you need packaged, please contact us and we can probably do it.

ico-bullet CD's
ico-bullet Candy
ico-bullet Canned goods
ico-bullet Chocolate boxes
ico-bullet Coffee
ico-bullet Confectionary
ico-bullet DVD's
ico-bullet Food Products
ico-bullet Jarred Goods
ico-bullet Juices/sodas
ico-bullet Toys/games
ico-bullet Mailers
ico-bullet Paper products
ico-bullet Pet food


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